The Best Club to learn boxing for Women.

our women's boxing is different from other women's programs.

Queens boxing club

We offer a high-energy boxing training that is exclusively for women! Queens boxing club is a fun, friendly, and encouraging environment that personally challenges you at your level. You'll develop powerful boxing skills and define a healthier, more confident YOU. Boxing is a competitive sport, and with physical intensity. Once you’ve chosen your boxing type, put on your gloves and hit that bag hard!
Boxing offers many benefits, it allows you to let off steam, tone up, lose weight and feel better overall. During a boxing workout, you may have to hit a bag or a sparring partner numerous times and this requires your core, upper body, and lower body to engage while you're pummeling a bag.

The Motivation!

The biggest problems with most club’s programs and group fitness classes is exercise boredom. With us you won’t get bored and you won’t want to quit with exciting and empowering blend of ever-changing boxing routines! You will be motivated by keeping you challenged with plenty of variety in your boxing program. Here, routine is more than just a workout. You will receive professional coaching, nutrition guidance and all the tips that you need to reach your fitness goals. It will be difficult for you to skip the workout when you know you will have an absolute blast working out and see the results. We personally track and monitor the success every step of the way, it’s like personal training at a fraction of the cost! 

Workouts that see results.

– High energy workout.
– Focus on full body workout.
– High intensity workout.
– Superior Core Training.
– Confidence & Self Esteem.
– Offensive & Defensive techniques.
– Muscular Endurance